Brand Story

Rayna is a brainchild of Fatima Zahid, a visionary who is deeply enamored with Pakistani fashion. Born out of her passion for the rich tapestry of styles that define the nation, Rayna is an ode to the vibrant colors, intricate details, and timeless elegance that characterizes Pakistani fashion.

The name Rayna means queen in the literal sense, embodying the essence of royalty and empowerment. Thoughtfully crafted each Rayna outfit is a source of confidence, allowing individuals to embrace the idea that true beauty and grace comes from within.
Rayna epitomizes the essence of everyday clothing that harmonizes with life’s simply joys. Be it a sipping a cup of tea or losing oneself in a favorite book, Rayna’s creations are designed to complement these precious moments. By embracing comfort and style, Rayna encourages you to relish the little pleasures of life. It’s more than just fashion; it’s a celebration of the small, delightful moments that make up the tapestry of our daily lives.


Rayna envisions a world where clothing is a source of everyday delight. Our vision is to curate a collection of effortlessly elegant garments that inspire confidence and comfort, encouraging wearers to savor each moment. Rayna aims to inspire a movement towards mindful living, where every thread tells a story of authenticity and every outfit becomes a canvas for personal empowerment. Join us in creating a wardrobe that mirrors the beauty found in life’s small, extraordinary moments.


The pursuit of quality and breathable fabrics is at the heart of Rayna’s commitment to comfort. We meticulously select materials that not only withstand but embrace the extreme climates of Pakistan. Our emphasis on good stitching is a craft perfected over time ensuring each garment is a testament to precision and durability.


Beyond the seams, our focus extends to empowering women in villages of Punjab. The signature hand embroideries of Rayna are a testament to this commitment. By fostering the art of hand embroideries, predominantly led by women, we not only ensure the finest craftsmanship but also contribute to the economic empowerment of these regions.